Lapis racers demo



one lost bit

added trigger

sml10-20-2022_8-35-35.html (2.4 MB)

cool game i would recommend separating the name from the play button because it is kinda hard to find the play button at first

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L-R five days a week update phase

L-R.html (2.9 MB)

L-R.wick (593.9 KB)

new updates here

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everyone may I please have your attention so the game off 2022 is tomorrow and I’ve joined please vote for me at

guys i found some dev things of L-R My Project11-11-2022_14-08-56.html (2.1 MB)

so this is just a racing game?

well it was going to a regular platformer but i did that so many times that it got boring also i forgot the pass word

the pass is 70305

some old stuff L-R.png1-11-2023_18-08-31.html