Le tingy 2 indev release

enjoy, and tell me if you get past 33. FYI if you do, there’s nothing after that… so you beat indev.
Le Tingy 2 Indev (2).html (2.2 MB)

How many questions should I have?

  • 40
  • 50 (my personal opinion)
  • 60
  • more than 60 (uh oh for me)

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its very zoomed in and i zoomed out to 25% witch is minimum but i still couldnt see all of it

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Perhaps the wick file might work better than the html. You can try this download.

Le Tingy 2 Indev4-15-2020_7-58-20AM.wick (197.2 KB)

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just saying, the number of questions there will really be won’t be exact. if you’ve played it before, some question numbers are skipped (for a reason - they are mentioned in other questions)

I couldn’t get passed question 6, wow I really am dum :open_mouth:

latest one is in the question provider thing.