Lens flare?

does anyone know a good way to make sun lens flare in wick editor

something like this: images (2)

Welcome to Wick Editor—this is the wrong forum to ask this. Try here!

ooops, i meant to say wick editor

if you look at a picture like this…

you can kinda see how it’s just a ton of transparent, colorful shapes in a line. (these ones are more like octagons but in most cases you’d expect a circle)

so you could try layering up some different-sized, different-colored, transparent circles and putting them in a line and seeing how that turns out.

near the edges you can also see a bit of rainbow-looking stuff, which i think is some chromatic aberration. that stuff is probably very hard to pull off in wick, and i think you’ll be fine without those.


thank you, ill try

Ohhh! That’s OK, we all make mistakes.
I see you’ve found the edit button… I believe that @awc95014’s answer is best.