Let's Create a Gem hunt game

We will make a gem hunting game and we have roles if you want to join collab make sure to pick one i will update this once people reply and add there Usernames to their roles and More than one person can have the same role.
and you can not claim more than 2 roles

  1. Asset Designer MrObvious (Me),
  2. Coders Unknown,
  3. Manager Jordy,
  4. Tester Masyn_Colman,and MrObvious (Me)
  5. Publisher Jordy (Probably),
  6. Newsground Unknown,
    and here what the roles mean

Asset Designer makes the assets and items in the game.
Coders code the game to work
Manager improves ideas and accepts them
Tester a person who test the final game and tells the team bugs
Publisher publishes the final product
Newsground will post new updates about the game

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Hey @MrObvious, I would like to enroll as a tester if that is okay plz… :yum:

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I could do manager or publisher

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if i give you a heart it means a am okay with it

you can do two roles

ok so maybe I can publish it in Kina OS appstore and in the forums

if it gains popularity we could make an mobile version of the game

we need to discuss maps and make sure we both agree on them so we need to fine where us can chat in a group

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how about here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rveoYXydxvWVOYmL-BUp93IEFsJ3k5vuVnrywsPXZ-4/edit?usp=sharing we will type ideas and put a check mark next to them if we agree to them

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another thing we should do is share our .wick files and .wickobj files to people who want to use our assets for example they can make gemmer hunter but the assets replace with dead memes

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anyways guys i am almost finnish with the map Map (WIP)8-27-2022_22-16-56.wick (11.0 KB) (Ignore the horrible pun)

ima go back working on it tomorrow cuz i am kinda bored

Hey, just in case we agree on an idea that i thought of i edited the wick file with the idea on another frame… :white_check_mark:
Map (WIP)8-27-2022_22-16-56.wick (11.0 KB)

We need to have walls working

Hey so, is this still alive???

i thought i was the only one who remembered this

Yea, me too, I was originally helping with it but I needed help and no one else had posted any more ideas on the local document so I was wondering if they were still here.

I can’t it’s blocked on my computer… sorry but here is the document if you want it…