Lets make a game!

Hello! Everybody so today we are making a game so here´s the tasks btw there are no file yet

  • First ,game
    so we think what kind of game we can make
  • second, character
    so we make our own character and make run spirtes
  • third,coding
    we code
  • last but not least,we add animations

This is cool! I wonder where this goes

I edited the category to collabs

Also, I might join if I know what the game is going to be about

Edit (you might already know this)

@myuzernamesthis6, I can see that your keyboard language isn’t set to English.

If you ever have trouble with your keyboard, ctrl + space can change the language back
(the shortcut depends on your device)

pick anything to be

  • coder
  • texture maker
  • supervisior
  • designer

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what how?


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what genre should the game b?

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hmm :smiley: i got it! a platformer engine

i could make the left right move

If your using chrome, click control + space then try typing

seems like an interesting project
Good luck :+1:

I recommend deleting this post since it can be considered as spam

so we make a character

i’m coder just ask me if you need help

What do you ant the character to be?
i could make it

like a ball. no limbs,and color red

well can you add a bfdi face white assets and remove the outline

nvm ill make the character

stilll nice

is it cute