Lets make an object show!

  1. Title: Lets make an object show!"
  2. Topic: it is about making an object show animate,voice act storyboard
  3. Time Frame: sometime in feb
  4. Submission Requirements: none
  5. Project Requirements: any
  6. Project Leads: @Hamzah_Al_Ani and maybe @Makponse_Yamonche
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and btw we are using bfdi assets

Idk if I would be in this collab since I know nothing about bfdi

i think bfdi is like “battle for dream island” or something.

from what i’ve seen from the other collab, i think it’s an animation of a bunch of teams competing. the team members are objects, hence “object show”. (for example, a competitor could be a table.) when a team loses (based on the animation), the viewers (like if it was posted on youtube) can vote one of the members on the losing team to be eliminated. you keep going until there is 1 team left.

something like that, right?


can i animate

yeah sure!

here what i’ve done with the assets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwSnKcVq2qc

nitro is under 13

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What should we call it i think we should call it ObjectO!Show Or something I got more intrested in Object shows because i watched TPOT 1 and it is amazing.

what I made with bfdi assetsMy Project1-15-2021_18-42-35.wick (1.2 MB)

maybe? :thinking:

im not trying to be rude but its horrible

Wait nvrmnd

What should we call it?
Also is this going to be posted on yt?

the show is batlle for an amazing world
and it is posting on yt

So it is called BFAAW?

:grin: :smiley:

what do you mean are you telling me not to work on it?

yes i geuss

no- nvm you can work on it