Lets talk about the forums

The Wick Editor Forums is a nice place to help people, talk about the forums and ask about the editor. In my opinion everybody follows rules very well and everyone is nice to one another.
The two nicest people I know on the forums are @Hamzah_Al_Ani and @awc95014 .
Hamzah is helpful and always welcoming new forum users. and Baron is very kind and hardworking on the forums. Both users are very active and very hard working. Same goes to other forum users. And thanks to @Jovanny for reminding users in a kindly manner to follow the rules. And Jovanny is a very active moderator, and mostly complimenting and helping forum users. In my opinion he is the best mod on this forums.


I agree, Hamzah is always there to help, and awc is a powerhouse with one heck of a work ethic.


Yes, this place is for helping people out and helping people figure out the Wick Editor! And I also agree that @Hamzah_Al_Ani, @awc95014, @Jovanny are very helpful to the forums! Let’s continue like this!