Lifetime of Wick Editor


Hello! This question is directed to anyone in the Wick Editor team, or anyone else well-entrenched in the project.

I’m an instructor/IT manager at a STEM teaching studio and one of my colleagues has recently introduced us to Wick Editor. He has been using it alongside some of our other tools in animation classes for kids, to much success so far. It looks like a great tool for teaching animation with hand drawing and we were also excited that it’s free and an online platform. I need to ask a rather frank and un-fun question (I’ll save the technical questions for other subforums) – We would like to introduce Wick Editor as a free tool at our studio and have students and clients try it out in the coming few years, but another colleague pointed out that Wick Editor lost a lot of its Patreon funding in recent months. If we use this platform and tell other people to use it, we would like to do so under the assumption that the server will remain running for some time, since it is (to my knowledge) online-only and it would look bad to have such a nice tool that we recommended disappear suddenly.

Is the future of Wick Editor looking alright, or is there uncertainty?

Thank you for your time,
Theo S



Hey @TheoX,

While we don’t have many patreon supporters (yet! Feel free to donate at we do not rely on Patreon support to host the Wick Editor. We utilize a service that allows us to host the Wick Editor at a very low cost (Github Pages), so we foresee being able to host Wick Editor for a really long time!

Our donations and foundation grants are used to pay myself and @zrispo to develop the Wick Editor, fix bugs, and maintain the community.

We’re happy to hear that you’re enjoying Wick Editor and would love to see what your students are making!



yep, that’s true, our school also recommend to using the wick editor for the student to develop some digital resource for education, and it queit useful! thank you so much!



Hi Luxapodular,

Thank you for the response! I was probably acting under some kind of misinformation, so I appreciate the clarity this provides. We will move forward as planned.

Have a great week! :slight_smile: