Line 913: TypeError: otherObj.regenBounds is not a function


um, i didn’t type 913 lines… only 13…
i was trying to make it detect a collision, but then that error happened. (i’m pretty sure i’m doing it wrong, but that doesn’t matter, i only used 13 lines.)


Hey @LickTheCheese,

This is causing an error in an internal Wick file, not yours! That’s why you’re getting a weird error message (We need better errors…) What exactly are you trying to do? I can help you get it to work :slight_smile:


Oh @LickTheCheese, also if you are trying to test for a hit against an object named collision you shouldn’t use a string, just the name of the object.

Try this

if (this.hitTest(collision)) {

notice how I don’t use quotes around collision.


oh, thx
it works now :grinning: