Lines keep deletinng

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Has this bug been reported already?

Describe the bug
so when a draw a line, and draw the next one for my drawing
right after, sometimes the first line just deletes for some reason

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the bug, if you have them:

Expected behavior
A clear and concise description of what you expected to happen.
the line doesnt delete


Computer Information
school dell computer, running on chrome

Do you have a suggested solution to this issue? (ex. has another program fixed this bug a certain way? Are you familiar with where in the code base someone would need to fix this issue?)

i dont know

do you have a video demonstration? don’t know how to help otherwise :/

i cant because on this school computer, the thing i used to record is blocked, the only way to explain it is like: imagine ur drawing a building with the brush tool
ur done with 1 line, then when you go to the next line, the first line deletes and u gotta redo it
im on 19.4 btw

if you have a chromebook then the laptop comes with it’s own screen recording feature

this isnt a chomebook :/