Lip Syncing

When using sound and audio that use words, lip sync can be used. Lip sync isn’t crucial in animation as some animators don’t draw mouths, animated characters just open their mouths and words come out, or the characters that have a mouth(or not) still don’t talk! But for those who want to use lip sync, here is an asset that can guide you!:


Try testing the lip sync out!
Lip Sync (1.5 MB)

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fun fact these are redrawn verios of a domic vid in 2013

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lol :grinning:

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I would recommend you to install this

Not to be mean

your grammar is horrible

how is that horrible Internet grammar?

Can’t you make the mouth images in Wick Editor instead?

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ok (Hello, I have seen your feedback and seen it well it is gosh darn very well. Kay do you understand my message I got the thing you know my grammar is twice the thing.)

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OK but you can at least trace the mouths? The mouths are going to look blurry compared to the rest of the image because it’s a pixel image file, while everything else would be vector.

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easier to draw in inkscape and import as .svg
you have so much more control

idk, I tried using .svg files in wick, and wick kinda has trouble with uploading the ones I use…

If ur gonna upload a png or image into ur project, try to lower the scale X and Y, and make them the same number to avoid having the image becoming blurry.

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This has a newer more easier version. So ditch this and use the more updated version: Lip Sync: The Wick Object

I usually save as inkscape .svg format
no problem in wick
mind you will not have some feature like gradients but for simple shape is ok

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why is everyone talking on this topic? It’s there’s a better version of this I just linked it above

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yes i do

thats was going to rime BUT i did not

Luxa just close this topic already

oh sorry did not see it

Announcement: The image is for tracing. Not for putting the image on a character. @pumpkinhead do you understand?

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