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LittleGame is a fun little game that I made like 2 months ago for my website’s game section, but I’m publishing it here because it has potential so if u want try it out here’s the html file.

HTML Files


hope you enjoy, oh and my website is



BrickStar’s Rating

Age Rating

Rated 0

Why 0

This game dont contains anything Harming

Quality Rating

The Game is G- Rated but I will say its something Between Ok and Good also it is an Fair rating. If the game dont get any Updates, the rating will change

Why G-

The Game is Potential! but the Visuals and the bugs are getting not a good touch to it But that dont mean that its but with a Bit more Work or Help put into it, the game could easly get an Full and safe G rating or even Better!!! I cant wait to see more Updates!



-The Idea
-The game it selfs with his Potential!

Things That could be Improved on:

-Gameplay There can be more and i know you can do it!
-Visuals and Graphics: I think there could be more also a Costume Character would be nice


So I think the game is Good and it has The Potential to get an way better rating. And when you need help just ask me I would love to help! But Rember the game in the current sate would get an Ok rating but i rated fear and hope for updates so Show me that you can get an Stable G Rating or better :smiley:

Infos about the Rating

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thanks :D :+1:

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Here This could be an Example for a Costume character

ok thats pretty good

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Nah Its is just a Quick sketch i did in about 5m but I could help you making a new one

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yes definitely Let me try to put it into the game

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Ok I will Make some more Examples you can use and if you have assets I Could make Just Tell me

thanks :smile:

Wick File is coming soon

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no worries

Ok with the next one the Wick File will come

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Characters7-28-2021_20-31-30.wick (5.6 KB)

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@Brickstar_X look at the new and improved game the new html file is up at the top and I added ur characters

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I like the new Version and The Bigger Maze but I didnt find the characters

You need to press c

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Ah ok Thanks The game Progress lokks Great sp far

Thanks but I didn’t save the wick file of this version so I’ll need to redo a lot of stuff

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Hello guys today I finished a new update for little game the html file will be all the way to the top, the new update includes.


-New design.
-A way of losing.
-Bug fixes.
-New keybind changer

and those are all the features included in the new update for Little Game hope u enjoy my
“Little Game” :)

@Brickstar_X can you rate it again please if that’s possible


Nothing much changed to the rating but its a bit more on the saver side if an G rating Here are my Recommendations:
Higher up the Graphics and the art style just a bit more. I like the new Giu and the Key Binding thing and the game has stepped up a bit too. but what would be good if:
The game has more to things to die or more ways of losing also a bit more new ways would be cool too so that the player really has to find ways. also, a checkpoint system and a Health system with lives before you die