Lock default resolution?/html file help for newbie?

So I have a conundrum. In making a dress up game, I went with importing transparent .gif files to create the doll’s outline and used Wick to make a color base. I did so because the paint brush tool was still a bit finicky for me, and I wasn’t satisfied with the lines.

Unfortunately, that means any re-sizing of the game turns the outlines blurry and eww. I’ve never worked with .html files much, so I’m not sure where I can even upload it to display it(or how, for that matter). My followers are all on deviantart, but dA doesn’t support .html file uploads at all(they really need to get with the times).

So I guess I have multiple options for possible solutions that I need help discovering. I honestly have no idea if something like ‘resolution locking’ is possible, but it would be nice to know if I have to go with letting people just download the game.

And I have no experience with .html files. I’ve tried googling, but my terms bring up a number of things that don’t really answer my questions. Basically, is it possible to display my game online somewhere? Any recommendations?

you can probably upload it to newgrounds or itch.io or something like that, or some github thing that makes it a website. technically if you drag the html file into your browser, it makes a file website that runs the code, but i’m not sure if it’s a "web"site for people to access if it’s a file.

I have no understanding of making things to turn into websites, so maybe other people can help you more with that.

Oh wow, newgrounds! I forgot that was a thing! And surprised that they’re still around, honestly. But then again, I was never big on them, aside from using their wonderful pre-made preloaders for flash, because I never got the hang of coding those.

I’m sure I’ll figure something out, given the options. :slight_smile: Thank you!

Hey @LaWombat,

If you’re mostly concerned with how the file looks when publishing, then I’ll definitely add a second recommendation to either Newgrounds or Itch.io! We personally use itch.io for the projects on the community page.

I was checking out itch.io and it does look nice. nn Especially all those options for creators. Thank you!

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