Lolypop clicker

My new game, its out on itch io and here.
itch io:
wick file:lolypop -clicker.wick (3.2 MB)


Thats 1 large wick file.

3 megabytes is large??? Can you help me with the song, it loops on the wick file, but not on the html file

1.0b, just added some effect to the upgrade buttons and the lolypop.
wick file:Lolypop-Clicker 1.0b.wick (3.2 MB)
itch io:

3MB is large for a wick file

Github now avaliable!

I’m actually suprised its good! But you should make the game more… Alive Like, new Backgrounds, and New fonts

Well, the background part may not come or take a while, and the font part i need help, same thing to the music that is not looping

But im working on an update right now

I wanna switch the font to shag loungue, because the fonts on wick editor looks so ugly

I think i wanna work on another stuff, like port my a scratch project to wick, or making bouncing squares on wick, but it was fun work on this game

wait till you hear about kina os html file

Kina OS vs Wick OS 1.0

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psssst, its back

What feature do you wan guyz

I found a font for you! Its Gochi hand.
I think it fits in well with the game
I dont think it needs anything else because its a good game!

sorry for the time, but idk if it will work, because only wicke ditor fonts work on it, you cant add ones

well 1.1 adds this for now:
animations dont loop when you hold the mouse in an object
everything got its animations redone
lolypop got animaitons when you dont touch the mouse on it
title screen
new upgrade:lolypop river
balck borders were removed in the project since they were useless

Ye for now i will continue work on my object show on day 4 and i school will be back on day 5,so i will be kinda busy next month,of the object show, this is the progress:
character bodies:100%

about lolypop clicker, i added 1 more upgrade and an custom cursor