Looking for people to hire

Hello. I just seeing if anyone was willing to help me to help me for a project that I was making on Wick. The first thing I’m requesting is a realistic version of this picture below. Make it bigger, make it FNAF style, and add a vent on the side and on the top. For this task I need very good artists.

ez pz
Screenshot 2023-02-25 7.51.19 PM

I could help with the coding

Nice! Now can someone make it wider like a video game?

Thank you. I might need some help anyway…
Do you know how to make a FNAF Fangame on Wick?

aight i know how to make one but the ai is a bit hard to code i can make the 3d models because i have a windows program called ‘Paint 3d’

Alright heres the project i didnt make the ai yet because i dont know but here is the gameplay five nights at something3-1-2023_22-16-57.wick (3.8 MB)

Alright, thanks. The game by the way is called The Forgotten Files.

Tell me how to set it up.

What can I help with?

I dont really know.

I made a FNAF 1 remake in scratch once, so I can give some help with the AI.

Each animatronic takes a random number from 1-20 about every 5-10 seconds. If the number is not more than its difficulty, then it moves one room along its route.

This can be achieved with setTimeout() and random.integer(1,20)<=this.difficulty