Made an rpg battle system

I’m making an RPG game, and I created a small battle system to see if I could actually make it. The only button that works right now is the attack button, because i’m kinda still making it. :/ Anyway, Making this RPG is goona be a lot of fun, and i’ll post updates. Also, if anyone wants to try it or use the code, feel free to download it. battle system - beta6-26-2024_13-42-44.wick (164.4 KB) Also, if anyone wants to help out, let me know.

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Yeah its pretty good, excited about the items though, I’m also making a game but I never thought of making an rpg it must be hard

@Robin_Mercury Thanks for the support! It might be hard to make, but I have to try. And I also believe that anyone could make an rpg or any kind of game if they tried.