Magnet boi game (current status:demo)

platformer engine 2.2.51-20-2022_21-53-10.html arrow keys to move. the character acts as a magnet.


I like it so far, it was pretty fun

it’s interesting, but i would like to make a few suggestions and bug reports.

  • when you press S, sometimes it flips and sometimes it doesn’t.
  • definitely add more levels.
  • find something better than the tannish brown colored blocks I provide in the platformer engine. they’re pretty bland. you customized the player, which is nice, but i’d like to see the blocks customized too.

platformer engine 2.2.51-21-2022_9-14-06.html
BUGS (that I know of):

  • in level 3 when pulling the box to the right sometimes it doesn’t pull.
  • I flipped a ton of times and it flipped all the time (it might be the html).
  • better floors
  • hopefully fixed bugs

I can do that. (how bout grass? or maybie rocks?)

I edited the ground and made the block in lvl 3 better platformer engine 2.2.51-21-2022_13-46-21.wick. I need ideas for new levels, I was thinking of adding a block that’s blue on one side and red on the other that can only be pushed if your flipped one way and can only be pulled if your flipped the other way.

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