Making A Mini Show Series Based Off A Game With Wick. Thoughts?

Making a small series of short episodes that I’ll be uploading as a series to Youtube, wanting to get yall’s thoughts on the idea?

The game I’m being inspired from is Geometry Dash, and I wrote a small script I’m going to use to make a series with it. The first episode is already finished and I need to just get the voice acting done.

Concept: A new player downloads the game and sees that there are tons of glitches all around, he then encounters the king of glitches and must flea away. That is where he meets his greatest ally; Saws, that has unspoken powers inherently gifted from Robtop himself. All they need to do is strike at the right time.

Any thoughts? (yes this is very much open to suggestions and heavy feedback. I just want to hear Your guy’s thoughts on it from fellow Wick creators rather than random people I know. Also if you would like to help then I’d be more than pleased to welcome it in any way as we still need voice actors. Thank you for reading through this!)

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Finished the pilot episode, heres the link to it on YT

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That’s pretty cool! I’m not good at voice acting :sweat_smile:, but I’d like to help you out with some animation.

That’s actually really great to hear, we are currently working on gathering the rest of the voice lines which will take a month or 2 more. but currently I am animating EP 2. when we get to the later episodes I could 100% use some help! I’ll leave the discord link to the official server here and you can join it. Just an FYI, this server is for the whole studio, so there are more things than just GD Run in it incase you get a bit confused lol.

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The semi-crap voice acting actually fits very well with the art style. Just me?