Making animations for my game

I’ve been creating some stuff for my game. I’ve completed the idle animation.


Right now, I’m making a more updated and smooth idle animation.

Here’s a old one. I wanted it to be really energetic until I noticed that it wasn’t really relaxed

It looks more like he’s moving around a lot.

I’ll just post some more stuff here like the jump and fall animation.

Note: These are unfinished because they do not have shaders yet.

Also the game that I’m making is not being made in Wick Editor. It’s in another game engine.

I remember one time I was using this game engine called GDevelop: to make this game. I can’t tell you just how hard it was to import these animations into the game. I had to use a lot of background removers and gif importers. GDevelop is a visual scripting game engine so it was very easy for me to just add a platformer behavior to my character. But the animations would just be broken so I moved on. It’s a good engine if you want to make mobile games on something else, but you only have 2 exports a day so you have to pay. Overall, it’s a good engine but if you want it to be more powerful, go with Construct 3 or Godot. It all depends on what you need.

It’s doneBA beep idle WIP8-10-2022_9-58-28.wick (141.7 KB)