Merging projects

Hey ho!
I teach kids at school to make animations. Wick seemed a very intuitive and easy way to do that. I don’t teach programming. Just the principles of animation and how to implement them in practice to make short animations. I was planning to add programming as well, but since there are no drag and drop command options, it’s gonna be too hard for 7/8-year-old kids :) So we’re sticking to the animation for now :)
So far so good. Having problems with bugs and glitches here and there, but nothing mortal! :slight_smile:
I understand that it will take time and resources to make Wick more stable! Keep on going with the good work guys!
I just wanted to share my experience with you and now to the question!
The kids usually work alone on their own projects and exercises, but every once in a while we do a group project, where everyone has it’s own task to fulfill in the animation.
So for example, kid 1 is doing the background, kid 2 is doing the moving clouds and kid 3 is doing the car passing by. That is done on several different computers with several layers in each project. Is there a way for us to merge the projects together? The only way I found out so far is opening all projects in one computer and copy/paste layer by layer everything in one single project. But that will take a long long time, will be boring and mistakes and bugs might happen and screw everything up! Do you know what I mean?
So is there a way?
Sorry for the long post but I had to say it all out. I hope didn’t get bored :)

There is a way…but not in the Legacy version link i sent you. They will have the pen tool in the new version soon… fingers crossed

Have them make their part in a “Clip”. Just draw a rectangle and make it a Clip. Name it something that makes sense…etc.

Then double click on it (to go into its own timeline. Delete the rectangle and do whatever. Once completed…have them go back to main timeline (Project). Be sure to select the Clip and press Ctrl plus E. This will save the whole thing as an .obj. Then you can bring them in all on one version of Wick. LOVE THIS.


Thanks for the fast answer! Your suggestion seems very reasonable! That way they will have to import only one loadable file and still be able to work on a big timeline. Should have thought about that myself! :slight_smile:
I can’t wait for the new version to come!
Thank you once again and whenever I have some material from the kids I will share it! :)

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