Minecraft Grid Placing

I’m making a Minecraft animation, and I want to make a grid system for me to place(with my mouse) the Minecraft blocks (while the project is playing).
here’s my template: 5-9-2022_20-21-20.wick (8.7 KB)

You’re trying to use this._cachedSerializeData.transformation=this.transformation; so are you wanting to be able to build the grid in play mode and have it stay after its paused? If so it will be harder but I might be able to help.

If you don’t want it to stay after pausing the project then you will want to have clones for each of the tiles that can change frames to match the tile they should be displaying. Then wherever the mouse is find what tile it is overtop of and gotoAndStop it to the tile that should be “placed”.

I want the blocks to stay in place after pausing

So in a clip’s _cachedSerializeData there is a value of singleFrameNumber which is what frame the clip should go back to when the project is paused. This only works when the clip is set to single frame.

If you have your grid of blocks (each being a clip with a frame for each different block it could be) and then use code like this,

this.singleFrameNumber = BLOCK_FRAME_NUM;
this._cachedSerializeData.singleFrameNumber = BLOCK_FRAME_NUM;

BLOCK_FRAME_NUM being the frame of what block you want to place. Then, whenever you click you set the clip to whatever block is currently selected.

Here’s a wick file with a one tile example tile5-10-2022_19-55-20.wick (2.1 KB)
By pressing 1, 2, 3, or 4 it goes to and stays at a certain frame.

Cool, I could use that but, I want it be me playing the animation and and clicking around for me to place blocks.

If you have it so each clip that represents a tile starts on a empty frame (aka air block) but then when you click it sets the clip to a different frame with the selected block, ex you click on a air block clip and it goes to the frame with grass block.

Is there a way to have the blocks place anywhere without having to put a clip there?

If you want it to stay after you pause the project then it is easiest to have them already there.

I want to like - paint the Minecraft blocks around the canvas.

Something like this?
This example allows you to click on tiles or hold and drag to set them to a different frame (like placing blocks). Press 1, 2, 3, or 4 to change what tile is placed. The tiles stay the same after the project is paused.
tile5-11-2022_17-51-10.wick (34.3 KB)

Is there a way to have the blocks place anywhere without having to put a clip there before playing the project?

Well if you want it to stay after you pause the project a clip is the easiest thing to do.

no, I meant i could click in a random space without the need to put a object there before hand.

Again, it is much easier to just have a empty frame to represent air block otherwise you need to set up a thing to place the clip during play and after it is paused.

the point of trying to make this so it’ll be faster to make Minecraft backgrounds when animating.