Missing clip (cuz the first frame i hide(un see)layer that show frame)

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Describe the Problem
well…i was animating inside a clip and the first frame of the clip i hide it and there is nothing in the first frame like this(for example) :

and i saved the file…when i want to animate again

but when i upload to gif:

now idk how do i continue it…TwT
What have you tried so far?
export to gif ,open the wick file that i not hide the first frame of the clip,and add the gif in asset library
so i can trace it back TwT…
suspicious2(remake TwT)6-7-2022_16-37-24.wick (1.1 MB)

glad my exam was end earlier than i expected…
Do you have a Wick Editor File that we can see? Optional*
suspicious26-2-2022_14-34-11.wick (61.2 KB)