MisterMender's Example Dump


This is the topic I’ll use to upload any example project I create:

Wick 2D Platformer-Sep29-2018-11.52AM.wick (3.8 MB) (Old)
Game Examples-Oct14-2018-9.18PM.wick (67.0 KB) - Contains many examples of games you could create with Wick
Wick Royale-Oct20-2018-6.49PM.wick (51.2 KB) - A test battle royale game

I plan to make more examples the more I learn about WickEditor and Javascript.

Happy creating Wick users! :smiley:


Really impressive work! Definitely will try to use this as an official example at some point.

I noticed your profile pic is the godot robot - do you use godot a lot? What did you think of the coding in wick compared to godot? I’m personally a big fan of godot, and I’m wondering if there are things that godot has that would be nice to have in wick…


I still think arrays of objects would be nice, or some tool to detect collision against a large group of objects.


Thank you! I actually made a much better example for a 2D platformer game but I can’t seem to save my project because it’s really big :laughing: I’ll keep trying to save it so I can upload the new .wick file here.

I used to use Godot a lot, but because of school and stuff I haven’t been able to use much. I’d say coding in Wick is almost as good as Godot, but some improvements such as what Connorses said would make it wonderful. I really do like the hierarchy feature inside of Godot, it would be interesting to see something like that in Wick.


That game example file is fantastic! Really nice work @MisterMender


Been inactive because of school and stuff.

distanceTo-Oct17-2018-8.35PM.wick (3.5 KB) - Distance formula example
Cannon Shooting-Nov11-2018-2.07PM.wick (15.9 KB) - Simple cannon game (Shows how to shoot projectiles using normalization)
Wick Royale 2-Nov8-2018-7.01PM.wick (15.3 KB) - 2nd version of Wick Royale (Broken) (F to shoot WASD to move, player is located to the left of the canvas, yeah I was too lazy to move him)
top-down example-Jan2-2019-3.48PM.wick (3.2 MB) - Game created with every object put into one clip to act as a camera.

Flappy Bird Example-Jan7-2019-1.12PM.wick (15.6 KB) - Lazily done flappy bird clone lol
Co-Jan25-2019-7.34PM.wick (10.4 KB) - Co-op game where players have to avoid a white square
Fighter Boi-Dec31-2018-12.49PM.wick (47.3 KB) - Game where ya gotta fight a stick guy E to block F to attack

touch fight-Jan25-2019-7.24PM.wick (3.4 KB) - Reduce a healthbar when touching a enemy
textbox-Jan25-2019-6.52PM.wick (10.4 KB) - Simple textbox examples
Clone Example-Oct18-2018-5.30PM.wick (3.8 KB) - Shows how to use clones
Sliders-Dec28-2018-10.11AM.wick (5.3 KB) - Slider UI
Flashy Ops-Dec29-2018-10.49AM.wick (22.7 KB) - Simple inventory system
Save Data Example-Jan25-2019-7.35PM.wick (687.9 KB) - Save data with JavaScript

Inactive because of school but I try to use wick when I can