Mobile game ideas

I want to make a mobile game but I have no ideas. any ideas? requirements: must have a way to interact by clicking because tapping on a mobile screen counts as clicking, so no buttons like “shift” or arrow keys (I will be making an alternative for computor tho).

PRO TIP: You can use the mouseEnter script as a pseudo-touch sensor!


why not use mouseClick?

Because Mobile Phones do not have cursors, instead our fingers.

So when you use mouseEnter, it will make wick editor think a cursur entered the project/frame.
And if you use mouseClick you will need to double click.

Because there is no cursor hovering or the cursor havent entered the project yet.
Wick editor will think that if you press once the cursor is entered and if you press again, wick editor will think that a mouse clicked it.

mouseClick works when the cursor is hovering on a wick object and when is pressed then released. (up, over and down)

what if you only have 1 button. then you would need to tap somewhere else then tap it.

You can use the mouseLeave script after mouseEnter then it would simulate mouseClick.

And even after you press a button, the script executed within it would be done once.
Because mouseEnter only executes the script once when the mouse enters the wick object.

If you want to tap “nothing” or the project, then you could create a mouseEnter script on the current project frame.

I dont know anything you said. can you elaborate please

also I mean even if id did the thing once the mouse would be in the object and if you tap it again instantly (theoretcaly) it wouldn’t do anything.

Yes. If you tap once, the mouse would be on the object and if you tap it again whether instantly or holding it, the script will run.

I’m sorry. I did not completely understand your question either. I thought your question was about stopping scripts after the mouse enters the object or after the mouseEnter script.

You can test all this yourself by using the Developer tools

While on the project press ctrl + shift + i, Then ctrl + shift m.
Then select the device resolution/dimension then you can test mobile clicks on browsers.

I dont get this

I used to use the clip._mouseState to tell when the object is clicked, but I’m glad that you’ve mentioned this! (This makes things much easier than my last method!)

I have some tips and stuff about using the mobile editor here, they might come in handy

About the mobile clicks:

(The mouseEnter event @Watrmeln mentioned is also a good option when it comes to mobile clicks)

There are a lot of cool mobile pattern games that should be fun to make!
If you want to go beyond making a pattern game, I recommend checking out supercell games for some ideas and inspiration (maybe you’ve already heard of supercell before? If you haven’t, it’s a famous mobile games company)

that sounds good but I dont really know. I looked it up and i don’t get how it would work

There are a lot of types of pattern games out there, if you don’t understand how a pattern game works, you can always add in your own twists and edits to make it work – as long as it works for you then it should be easy to make :+1:

I created a joystick so you can move your character around. This isn’t really much of an idea but
It’s pretty buggy just because I made it in little time.
It supports (wasd) movement. In the game, you have to move the boxes and reach the flags.
Maybe if you put them in the right colors, you’ll get a Christmas gift :open_mouth:

Here’s the wick file : mobileTest.wick (13.0 KB)
And the site I hosted the project on (so you can test it on mobile) :