Mp4 takes forever to download


i’ve been exporting this for over 15 minutes, and nothing’s happened. is it the length of the animation that’s slowing it down?

It never takes this long with the gifs, BTW.



Weird - can you post the .wick file here? I’ll see if there are any errors during the video export



okay, here it is.
Mario vs. Life at its Finest (6).wick (58.7 KB)
maybe i just gotta reload, who knows.



o wud ya looka’ dat, seems like there really is a problem.
i have absolutely no clue what this means, and i’m no detective, but gifs take less than a minute to load, so it’s gotta be something with the mp4. but hey, it’s a beta for a reason. not everything works at first. :]

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Just tried to export it on my computer, looks like there’s just too many frames and the browser is running out of memory. This might be a more complex issue than I thought :(

Might be best to export your video in two parts in two separate projects maybe? Just until we can dig in and find a fix for this. Sorry!



oof, yeah that’s probably the case. maybe the editor can automatically download it in feasible chunks, say every 50 or so frames, then it connects them together before giving it to the user.



Same problem here. I thought it might be from the length and the complexity of the animation so I decided to make a simple motion tween to check. It still didn’t work. Splitting the video into smaller portions might not work as well.

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Hey all,

I just pushed a quick fix to the video exporter. Turns out, it wasn’t a memory issue, it was something much more obvious (the video rendering library we use called ffmpeg wasn’t loading) so no videos could be exported at all.

I tested rendering your video after this change @awc95014, and it looks like it works fine now!

Thanks for your patience!



thank you so much for all that!



wait, i’m not sure if i’m just going bananas, but did it just export twice?