Multiple Choice

Does anyone have any experience on ending a game based around earlier choices made?

I’m on the latest version of Wick.

I have 8 objects that the player can look at. You can click on each one to decided more but can only take two. I would like different endings depending on the objects that were chosen but can’t seem to figure it out.

Each object is set up as a clip. When clicked it goes into a screen that tells you about the object and gives you the choice to take it or not. If it’s taken it’s removed from the game.

Currently I do not know how to end or how to do multiple endings.

Thanks for any advice you can give.

there are 2 aspects of your question
The first one is logical.
You have to decide what kind of end you would have depending on the chosen objects.
If you have correct and wrong objects you can assign values to each object.
Let’s say 10 to the more correct and 0 to the one that is completely wrong.
You can add the values of the chosen objects and the result will determine a profile.

You can have a completely different situation if every object is correct and you want to give profiles based on the specific pairing of the 2 objects
Here you have many choices:
if you have a VERY limited number of objects you can write a profile for each combination
Take in mind that the number of different couples in 8 objects are 28 !

Another way could be to assign to every object a set of attributes.
Let’s say object 1 has 5 strenght and 2 defence
while object 2 has 10 strenght and 1 defence and so on
once again you can add the value of a specific attribute and have a profile for that and a global profile containing all the single attributes combined
In our case the global profile could be “you’re super strong and you need more defence”

You can also increase the difficulty if an objects “value” changes based on the second chosen object

the other aspect is technical
In this case you have to use javascript as you cannot rely on a simple frame change in wickeditor

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Is the only way to do a more complex frame change than a simple “jump to” with javascript?

Do you know any examples of games that have done this?

I dont understand your question.
If you’re going to do a project with less than minimal interaction you need to start using js to integrate your logic
You cannot expect to rely on gotoAndPlay() only for a complex project

Hey I don’t know if you’re still working on this, but I just got a little help with my question on the forum, and this is my practice code for doing multiple choice.
Multiple Choice Test12-6-2022_8-30-21.wick (4.0 KB)