My Experience with Wick Editor and the Forums

Why i use Wick

Wick is a Great tool It is easy to use and the Features that are Build Work most of the time.
Wick Editor also has a great Forum where I can find Help with any Problem. Wick Editor was
Alswas the Programm i Dreamend of. my Problem is I don’t really can use Other Programs I’m just too lazy to learn it and I don’t want to learn a Program I want to use it! I mean I even Bought Moho but just come into it.

How did I Find it

It was actually Verry hard to find a Program that I really Like and can use Instantly I mean If I wanted to I could learn a program but I didn’t want to. then I Found the Video from Alan and I Instantly fall in love with wick

My Expirience

Mostly Positive except some art Destroying Bugs that don’t happen Verry Often was Wick editor Great! all the Tools that wick haves Alowes Artists to create FrameByFrame animation; Animation; Pictures; and even Games! My only problem is With wick the lag of Advanced Features like Rigging more easing Options but that’s it!
Also, the Wick Forum Is great I can find Help very Fast and feedback too

Wishes for the Feature

I actually don’t have that many Wishes but here are the few things I wish

  1. rigging Features
  2. More easing types
  3. better Video rendering
  4. Layering Grouping for more Organisation

And that’s it I know that the features I wish are very big and that Wick Probably don’t have the Budget to Create them any time soon But I can Wish :smiley:

My Best work I did with Wick

And a lot more I couldn’t Upload any Animations But Trust me there are a lot I’m not the best Artist But you can do a lot with wick editor

That’s It thanks for reading and what do you think about Wick and His Forums Please Tell me your Opinion I would love to hear it


me to i found a video by allan

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yup wick is the best program ever and im serious EVER

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It’s VERY convenient. I recall finding it on a post by a Pencil2D moderator as a simpler alternative. It’s excellent.