My platformer

My Project3-4-2021_13-10-08.html I got the gravity and platforms from awc’s platformer game engine. its a 2 player co-op where red cant jump as high as green. any suggestions.


Good concept.

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Good concept

but I got a bug look

it is looping in that motion

WOW! With more levels and better Visuals, The game could be a Success! If you want i can Help you making the Visuals

These two Would are just a Quick Sketch up. And They could use the Boxes you have so that the Collision Still work but if you want I could remake them. so you can Choose if you want me in your team


I didn’t understand what your saying

I mean: Gamer_boy can choose if he wants me in his team

those look nice you could help some. also i may be able to be online more

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i lost the file tho

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i could remake

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heres the new wick file platformer.wick (150.2 KB)

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Ah ok I will Make the new Characters

platformer engine 2.2.57-29-2021_9-25-20.wick (310.9 KB)
Here I Changed the levels a bit and I added Charcter animation. but you have to code that its playing

platformer engine 2.2.57-29-2021_10-36-50.wick (313.6 KB)
More Things

i was a bit lazy

i may need some help platformer engine 2.2.57-29-2021_15-35-14.wick (331.6 KB)

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new platformer engine 2.2.57-30-2021_15-33-35.wick (528.4 KB)

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I will look what i can Do with art But it could take some time I’m currenty downlading Windows 11

You didnt use the full walking animation

This was more like a Question Why did you didn’t use the Full walking animation
Also I will make some new Levels
Here is My Progress so far for the First Level

platformer engine 2.2.58-5-2021_12-14-07.wick (626.8 KB)
Here is The file you have To look if you can fix the animations I tried bit I’m and at coding at least the full animation is in the first level now
Also Pleas reply i cant reply anymore @gamer_boi You really need to Reply I reached the Max!!! @gamer_boi