My project doesn't load


i tried on both chrome and firefox, but when i open my zip file and take out the html and drag it into the browser, it’s stuck on the loading even though it says 100%. i can’t try it on safari cuz it’s been an actual pain in the butt for as long as i can remember. it just freezes and i have to force quit it.

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Hey @awc95014,

Unfortunately this used to work on Firefox, but doesn’t any longer. I recommend uploading your project to to share it with friends! We’ll have a way to load your projects locally soon!

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@Luxapodular It would be awesome if we can load projects locally. Any ideas how soon “soon” will be? Thank you

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Our current trajectory is to improve the animation / drawing tools in the next update, and then begin some more work on the game/interactive updates.

Hopefully within 1 month’s time, we’ll have a version of the HTML5 1-Click export that should work locally.

In the mean time, I can show you a method for running your project locally!

How to run your project locally:
The basic idea is that your web browser is not allowed to read any local files from your computer for security reasons. We need to serve all of the files in your wick project and then access them in your browser from the server. Here’s one way how!

This is the simplest way I have found to run a local server on both Macs and PCs!

  1. First, download your wick file as an interactive zip

  2. Next, open your zip file. This should give you a local folder.

  3. Next, go to This website is for a tool called Brackets, which is a text editor for writing code! (Don’t worry, you won’t need to code).

  4. Download and open brackets.

  5. Now, in brackets, open the folder that you unzipped.


You should see all of the files that run your wick file here! Don’t worry, you don’t need to change a thing!


  1. Lastly, press the lighting bolt on the right of the editor.

This will serve the files in this folder. A window should pop up with your project, and you’re done!

You’ll see something in the address bar like this. This is the browser accessing the local server on your computer. Pretty neat!


There are a few other ways to do this, and if you’d like to try them I suggest searching for “How to run a local server” on the operating system you use. Our 1-click export will NOT require this when we release it.


Run interactive offline

Thank you @Luxapodular This worked excellently. (And the screenshots were super helpful too)

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okay, thanks for telling me about that!