My unofficial Wick 1.20 fork

I’ve seen how much potential this project has, and seeing how the development has frozen made me want to continue this project with my own resources for everyone.
Currently, I’ve added a dozen of unused tweening options that weren’t present in the current Wick Release.
If you want, you can suggest features in comments. I’ll try my best to add it in the site.


That sounds great, but when I tried visiting the link I got this-

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I’ve put up the site very recently. I think surge needs to stay for a while to work for everyone, hopefully it’ll work tomorrow


It still shows the Unavailable screen for me

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EDIT: it’s been 2 years since I created my acct yo

its been 7 months. still unavailable.

Hm… unavailable.

yup, same here

It said unavailable for me too