My very first serious project DEMO Version 0.5


my first serious project, feedback is welcome and do keep in mind very early demo
with that said, enjoy :)

Early demo of my first serious project Feedback is welcomed
Alpaha 0.1
inital release
alpaha 0.2
-Fixed dialog cycle bug
-minor cleanup
alpha 0.3
-Fixed objective system
alpha 0.4
-Fixed alot of grammar.
-Expanded storyline
alpha 0.5
-finished opening story sequence
-added small sidequest
-revamped dialog hud
-added speech choice and outgreying of already spoken dialog (see sidequest in hangar)
-removed main menu due to hideous undefined bug needing to be fixed
-added breakroom
-fixed uniform not being removed when equiped
-WIP for responsive quest objective update inside the PAL

Untitled adventure game thingy [DEMO 0.5v alpha].html (2.2 MB)



This looks fantastic! Let me know if you’re looking for feedback. Can’t wait to see it grow!!!

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please anyfeedback is welcome this is as much my project as it is the players as in i want YOU ALL to give thoughts that i can use for developing further



At the second scene where he gets the tablet the button with the arrow might be a bit see-through maybe? So you can see the arrow underneath it. Or give it a different color cause I had to click several times at different objects before realize where it is. Unless that’s the idea of course :)
And maybe using other directions instead of back, like left and right might be a bit more easier to get the sense of directions.
Overall a job well done :)

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