Need help with filling a place holder with image (Alpha)


Hi, I have a doubt. I am creating a game, where images change in a fixed place holder say a rectangle. I have converted this rectangle into a clip. I don’t know how to add image to this clip, using code.

I have seen people put unique images in individual key frames of a layer and point to the required keyframe by name. Is there any other way?



Are you doing this in the Live editor or the alpha?
If it’s the live, post the project and I may be able to help you out.



I am doing my game in Alpha version :sweat_smile:



click “make animated” on the right when the item is selected. click convert to clip. you then can click edit timeline to go to a new menu to add frames. when you’re done, you click on “project” near the bottom right to go back to the original project.
note: this was all from my memory. things might not be perfect.



You can also use clones to fill in placeholder images.
Placeholder.wick (3.9 KB)
I have included two frames that could help you



Wow, that was awesome @MisterMender. Thanks for going the extra mile and adding an example for multiple image fills. This helps a lot.

I have a question though, is there a way to access the images directly from the asset library than importing them on to the frame? (This might be a dumb question, sorry kind of a noobie to wick :sweat_smile: )

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when you import an image, it should show up in the asset library. you can drag it onto the canvas to use.

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