Need Programmer and Artist


I saw a Wick Game Jam. I sketched Sprite Sheets and Rough Background. I need a New Artist like a Studio Yotta. I need a New Programmer for your Codes. I need a new game title. If you are from Newgrounds, I will search for your Username for Credits and Roles.
Rough Background for the Game.wick (7.5 KB)

Unfortunately, My Wick File is too big for my Sprite Sheets but I have my Google Drive link.
Project Astroid - Sprite Sheets:


Newgrounds Wick Editor Game Jam

Oh, there’s a Jam happening? I didn’t know! I might jump on it - less then a month is still a decent amount of time :slight_smile:

Not really on Newsgrounds anymore (was a lurker in early 2000s), but I might make something in more narrative style.

Edit: Sorry, not a Wick coder (just really discovered it), so I won’t be much help - but I hope you’ll find someone :slight_smile:

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I didn’t even know there were Wick Game Jams…

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