Nested Navigation struggel


Okey, how im going to explain this without being mess?
I have clip where inside the clip there is dialog tree, one button exits dialog tree and links back to main timeline outside the clip, but its not a “viable frame”? is bug or?

Example-Nov1-2018-10.25PM.wick (5.9 KB)


Hey Tsake,

I think there’s some bug with your project I can’t reconcile, but I’ve recreated the project with an additional example.

advancingTimeline-Nov1-2018-4.50PM.wick (8.2 KB)

The key to controlling the timeline is understanding that timeline functions will change the “parent timeline” of the object with the script. For instance, if clipB is inside of clipA, and clipA is on the root (main) timeline, then the script on clipB will change the timeline of clipA.

For a script on clipB to change the root timeline, it must use root.timelineFunction() ex. root.gotoAndStop(2).

This is confusing so we’ll be looking at ways to remove some of this confusion in the coming releases of Wick Editor 1.0.