New action rpg game (in beta form)

My Project9-13-2021_22-45-50.html
My Project9-13-2021_22-45-52.wick
arrow keys to move < /\ / >
e and r to cast spells
rock throw: e to cast and e to shoot
rock sheild: r to cast


if you want to help I will make a collab. you will be able to pick your element from earth to portals
(maybe multiplayer).

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what for the elements are the attacks

maybie to switch the element

I made a new element: water action rpg9-15-2021_13-06-43.wick

interesting…can i draw the character and draw the character run animation when keydown left/ right…

hmm…maybe i can help you with the animation…

sure that’ll be nice

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im waiting for the collab to go up but i was bored and made a ranged attack action rpg9-15-2021_20-56-11.wick

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action rpg9-16-2021_12-14-32.wick (174.6 KB)
im done with the character…
is it ok…or should i add something?
here is the wick obj file

oh and the animation was suppose to be 18 fps…

and i designed the enemy…and done animate it
Screenshot 2021-09-16 123316
action rpg9-16-2021_12-33-01.wick (351.2 KB)
and here’s the enemy wickobj. file

i got bored and hope you didnt mind i put some effect on your element(earth)

action rpg9-16-2021_13-15-08.wick (440.7 KB)
sorry its a little bit rough

what should i do next?

when holding the left and right keys at the same time your character starts spinning uncontrollable so maybe you should fix that

oh…that …T u T…
im actually got no idea how to fix that…sorry …
did anyone got any idea?

there should be animations for up down and spells

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action rpg9-16-2021_12-40-26.wick (581.8 KB)

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we also need health for the enemy

I will like to collahey can i work on this? i will be working on how the elements look for now

shure here action rpg9-16-2021_12-40-26.wick

we’ll do it here untell I hear about the collab

well this is what i worked on