New Game Example Projects


Hello, I’m new to Wick but I have some experience with coding and I used Flash a bit back in the day. I believe very strongly in the vision and I’ve been learning how to use Wick and help more people learn about it.
I think that Wick could use some more example projects for showing people how to make games. I recently threw together this “Pong” game which I would like to share. It is a bit sloppily coded, but I think it would help learners to see the source for a game which is still simple, but a bit more complicated than just clicking buttons.

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This is great, thank you for sharing! We definitely need to expand on our example projects (in fact, I’ve been doing a bit of work to try and create some example project tutorials as well!).

@zrispo this might actually be a good time to formalize some contribution guidelines for community example submissions.

Nice work. Would love to see others you make as well and hopefully we can share them on the main site!

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