New game, i need more ideas and help!

So I made this game like in like 4 hours and I don’t know if its a good start( Btw this is just the start of the game I have to make way more things)Here it is My Game
also tell me what should I name the game plz



Blud I found out that you can actually at the start hit bob when he says hi. THATS WILD!

Yeah that was a secret shhhhhhhh

Can’t access the link, says “access denied” for me, I send a request though

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I gave access

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I do not have access to the drive file.

Thanks for the access! You can also upload the game to the forums using this button:

^ Uploading the game that way will make it easier for everyone to see it.

Also, I tried out the game and it was pretty fun! Especially the story and animations, they were pretty great!

Can you send the request

It says that the file is too big for some reason, and my game isn’t even that big

Pretty sick game ngl, Its great when game devs do new fun things like punching Bob you know?

Thnx for the support man

lemme get access

Done buddy