New tools ideas


I think that Wick should add some new things to make animating. My suggestions would be A blur tool, being able to merge layers and fixing the paint bucket tool. I cannot get it to work at all. It’d be cool if we could add music to help when syncing up animation to music. I cannot get it to work at all.


Thanks for the suggestions!

  • Blur tool - definitely something we want to have in the near future, but we’re not sure where the option for effects like that would go in the interface yet

  • Merging layers - Definitely adding this in the next update (0.13)

  • Fill bucket - The next update is going to come with a lot of fixes for the tools - we’re currently working on a much better technique for the fill algorithm which should fix most of the issues it currently has.

Basically, look forward to 0.13!! It’s gonna be real nice!


Sounds awesome!! Cant wait!!! Thanks for the response!