Newbie Help Please


Hello everyone.

I was pretty excited when I found this program and started playing around with it. It looked very similar to SwishMax ( which I used extensively over Adobe Flash).

However, I’ve run into problems right from the get go. I’ve opened up the samples in the editor, exported the gifs and loaded them into my website editor. None of the gifs retain their interactivity. ( follow mouse, multiple rooms etc)

Have I chosen the wrong export option? I don’t need a full HTML page, but an interactive map section that I can place into a div.

Where do you find the action function/ I want to go to another website when you click on the button

Thanks in advance


Hi @James_Kirk,

For exporting interactive projects, you should choose the “export as HTML” option. While this will export the project as a standalone HTML page, it will allow it to retain its interactivity and you can still embed it on other websites, through an iframe.

As far as making a button that jumps the user to another website, we don’t have that functionality built directly into the Wick scripting system, but you could try to use some JavaScript to achieve it, but this may get a little complicated depending on how you’re embedding the project on your site.


Thanks for the help i will try that out and I’m sorry for the late response