Notascape Alpha - Updates and more!


Download 1st Version 1.4
Download 2nd Version 1.5
Download 3rd Version 1.5.1
Download 4th Version 1.5.2
Download 5th Version 1.5.3
Download 6th Version 1.5.4
Download 7th Version 1.5.5
Download 8th Version 1.5.6
Download 9th Version 1.5.6
Download 10th Version 1.5.7
Download 11th Version 1.5.9
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This is a gun test that is still in progress. It is still in prototype, and when I think it’s ready, I’ll release it to the whole wide world.
No, this is an independent project. When Beta comes out, maybe I’ll let people collab with me on the project.
Yes, at maybe 2021-3-23 9PM EST, if I finish the project (released version) before the deadline, I could just wait

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It is fine. The art looks nice also. But the gun fires too rapidly when you hold down Q. That is supposed to be a pistol, right? If not that is probably a bug. From this behavior I can conclude that you are using the Keydown event or using isKeyDown("q"). You should instead use the Keypressed event or isKeyJustPressed("q").

Also in the first version, you can shoot at the yellow thing but it won’t get “damaged”, because it seems like it only gets “damaged” when the cursor is touching the yellow thing. Realistically it should get “damaged” if you are aiming at the thing, whether or not the cursor is actually touching the thing. Even though this is probably above your level I will tell you how you can achieve that. You can do this by treating the bullet as a ray, and checking if the ray intersects with the thing’s rectangular axis-aligned (not rotated) hitbox. I’m pretty sure there’s a formula to do this that you can search up online. I will try to find that. this?

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I know this is normal criticism, BUT it’s still in prototype so I might change that soon. Thanks for the feedback

when you press q for a while the gun shot sound turns into earape

The gun is gonna be a pistol now so it won’t be in FULL earape.

Version 1.5.1 is now out!

whats new

Updated death for the yellow guy

can you add him respawning

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Maybe later! Thank you for the suggestion.

why did You withdrawn the message that said you quit the project?

It’s because I changed my mind.

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Oh Alright.

And also, new update.

UPDATE 1.5.2


I decided to remove the dummy (for a while) because I needed to reload the project because the 3rd version felt buggy.

Now 1080p!

Stick Figure rotates with the gun as well.

Camera exists!

Since I reloaded the project, no more sounds! (will be fixed)

Regrouping will be added in 1.5.3.

And a question

what should I add

  • Respawning
  • Enemies
  • Title Screen

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Title Screen has been chosen. (I will add enemies and respawning)

Gun Test2-23-2021_19-23-05.html (2.2 MB)

New update again… I was confused of bugs so this is what I have

This is probably a spam bot thingy

Eh, Just Flag It.

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Done. :smiley:

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5th Version out now!


Building blockz

That is all. I just added building blocks because I could


  1. Could be destroyed by bomb
  2. May add more than 1 block


When should I release it

  • Next week
  • on march
  • the deadline
  • in the summer
  • next year (LOL)

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Next year? Well ok, I guess.
(edit: no offense to anyone choosing next year but if i want I’ll release it)

see you in 2022

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