Objects in same layer

my wick editor
can i put many objects in one layer?
I noticed that in one layer I add an image ( for example) in frame 1
I extend the timeline for it, I wanted to add another object in frame 20 ( for ex.) but I couldn’t.
are there scenes in the editor? it makes it easy to move between them instead of many more layers.
thank you.

Yes, a lot.

Not sure why not, if you want to have object A alone during 19 frames, you just expand that frame 18 units more. Then, if you want the same object A on frame 20, but with another Object B, just create a new keyframe for frame 20 and copy object A from frame 19 and place it into frame 20 with Object B.

Nope, there are not scenes in the Editor.

Not sure what you meant by that… Not sure how Layers are related with implementing custom scenes…