Other Emojis pack

Has this feature been suggested before?
I think not

Is your feature request related to a Problem
The Emojis We use right now are not looking verry good in my opinion and I miss some emojis

Describe the solution you’d like
Hello it would be cool if we have the Google Emojis. This would give The forums way more useful emojis and in my opinion the are looking better
And if the Emojis would be in the Wick Editor too it would give me and probably a lot of more person’s a way more things I could do

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
The “Normal” Emojis Telegramm;Apple and Signale use would be ok too

This is a discourse thing, not a wick thing.

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Wick uses Discourse as a forum engine, and I think they use the Twitter emojis, which is probably the most popular emoji pack. I doubt they will change that. As an alternative, you could just upload emoji-sized pictures to use as emojis.

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Roblox using the same Dev forum but they somehow managed to add two emojis

Adding custom emojis is a discourse feature

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Ah ok Good to know thanks