Pasting a picture makes the site freeze


In a project i"m working on, i"m pasting a picture to use as a background rather than using a solid color. After about 40 frames the site began to slow down and freeze. Then I would reload the project and try again, but it kept slowing down and freezing to the point where just pasting one picture would cause it to freeze and crash.


@Tyler31440 Sorry that the website’s acting up! Mind sending us the picture and project? It will make it way easier to debug.


I am unbelievably sorry, but I’m pretty sure this was a problem on my end. After doing a little research I tried to clear my cache and try again, and now it works fine. Again, I am so sorry to bother you and I thank you that you were able to respond so quick!


Don’t be sorry at all! Feel free to post here any time :slight_smile: Even if you think it’s a small bug, every contribution and comment can help us make Wick a better tool!