Path cursor and vertices control


Is there a way to delete a shape vertex in path cursor?

In this case my goal is to make an arrow pointing down
I dray 3 lines. filled the shape with bucket and deleted the construction lines
I ended with a shape with way too many verteces…

idk if it’s possible to delete a shape vertex, but a simpler way to make that arrow is by taking a square (that you already have filled in), then joining two sides with the path cursor.
Wick Editor 1.18 (10)

thnx for the fast reply.
I was more interested in vertex control as even with booleans you are going to need some kind of tuning on verteces

I think there is no way to delete them… What I do is exactly what @Hamzah_Al_Ani showed you above.

So, interestingly enough a community contributor has posted a code change that will allow us to delete vertices! I’m currently scanning over the code, but it will likely make it into 1.19!


can we also add vertices? idk, it just feels like it’ll help a ton.


great to know !!

I figured out how to delete vertices!
Here’s the combination:
Shift + select vertice


This is not very intuitive, so thank you for sharing!