Pen tablet/editor issues

I’m using an xp pen star g640, and i’m trying to get the undo function to work. undo is cmd+z and deactivate zoom is z. when i have either cmd+z or control+z, deactivate zoom is activated. another problem is that zoom was never activated, and it doesn’t deactivate it either, so “deactivate zoom” isn’t a good heading for it.

I just found out that the tablet doesn’t undo until i press something on the keyboard. for example, if i make a brushstroke and undo on the tablet, the “edit” on the top of the computer (where file, view, history, etc. are) flashes signifying it worked, but the editor doesn’t undo the stroke. when i press any key on the keyboard, it will undo.

i’m on mac catalina 10.15.2 on chrome using the normal editor with the most recent driver of the xp pen star g640.

I just found out that it only undos if i press the command key. if i press anything else, it doesn’t work. if i press command after that, it still won’t undo.

never mind, I just had to create a second shortcut and set the tablet to do that instead.