Pivot Walker!

This is Pivot Walker v1.
I’ve only made the walking mechanics so far.
If anybody wants to use this feel free to do so.


PivotWalker_v1.05-9-2022_14-06-42.wick (2.6 KB)

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this is cool might use for a game

I made a kind of orbiter with this orbit changer5-9-2022_13-43-29.wick

edit: I added code in the update section that when activated makes it so you can use a and d to switch witch way it orbits orbit changer5-9-2022_14-37-31.wick

how could you add more Pivot points

I don’t know. It could make it really complicated

I’m trying to make collision and friction and it’s really difficult

Here’s the file of my sad attempt at collision

PivotWalker_v1.15-10-2022_9-03-41.wick (3.8 KB)

If you use mouse interaction with keyboard interaction it will allow phone users to play too. Just add a button to switch between mouse and keyboard.