Plants Vs Zombies+, The Fan Extension of a Great Game!

  1. Title: Collab: Plants Vs Zombies+

  2. Topic: Plants vs Zombies+ is a COMPLETE REMAKE of the game but with even more bonus content and the animations or sprites are made in Wick Editor and then coded in Unity 2D.

  3. Time Frame: (Starts on February 20, 2023 - Ends when the game is complete so we have all the time to complete the game)

  4. Submission Requirements:
    What does someone need to submit to join your collab? We need someone who can code in Unity 2D, A designer for the new Features in the game, A UI designer and more Animators so that I won’t be stressed with the animations.
    When do they need to submit by? You can submit concepts on February 25th, 202

  5. Project Requirements: What are the specs that submitted projects should be in? You need to send the .wick and .png files (.svg is optional)

  6. Project Leads: Who is leading this project? I am leading the project and the animation department.
    Is there a team? Yes, and it is separated into 5 parts: Animators, Coders, Sprite Designers, Sound Designers and UI Designers.