Pls help me

i need help geting my rank up on the forums

Go through @discobot’s tutorials to get ranked up

thanks i needed help to post my game

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imp steps in coding
pls tell

what are you even saying?

I am saying please say basics in wick editor programing

Hi @Abhineet_Zacharia, if you’re looking for how to get started with Wick Editor, you could check out some tutorials here:

Those should help cover some of the basics of Wick Editor.

wick uses javascript, you can also search up tutorials for JS.

You can check out tutorials from the official Wick Editor Luxapodular’s channel:

This is just my channel, not the official Wick Editor channel :slight_smile:

Oh, I edited that… does wick have an official youtube channel? I’m just interested to know

Not yet, no!

already watched and liked all videos

ya that would help thank you

ya, that would help thank you