Post some animations here to get on my website and be credited

this is mine

ok then…

This is my best animation so far I think:

Ball jumping.html (2.2 MB)

And there is this one which I worked with it with bluethe_bot_academy buuut it's not complete:

Slime_animations9-5-2021_10-18-47.html (2.4 MB)

And this is I can say my worst animation:

Ball jumping.html (2.2 MB)

and I just didn’t understand what are you meaning by credited mean’s you gonna give us money or something

ahhhhhh I actually didn’t like it it’s random which is not good try to focus on one point in your animations and second try to do anticipation to show what is gonna happen on the next moment and change the background color if it’s a happy animation I suggest you put really light red if it’s a sad animation put the lightest dark blue and I don’t about this one but I think if it’s an action animation(like what you have) I suggest you put the lightest yellow and try to train yourself on animations that have 24FPS it’s easy I suggest you watch this video

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err…man i completely forgot about it…cuz it was unusual for me to make high fps…i usually use 18 fps …sorry T u T

AHhhh no problem either ways I wouldn’t completed it myself

and thanks that you helped me with it anyways

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are you talking to me

Yyyeah of course I’m talking to you

sorry i had to make a new account or else i would have to wait 2 more hours, anyways my website is named randomations and it’s certain to be random and im new to animating ive started just 2 year ago. i
am experimenting with 16 - 18 fps. i never changed the background cuz i am lazy XD.

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well how about my animations

wdym??? I have no idea what you are talking about

ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! don’t you see at the top my best animation and one that I created it with bluethe and my worst!!!

Anything can go on the site

ahhhhhhhhh! ok

what site?

read the topic title

yeah I sent some animations, but what is your website?

I got banned will comment 9\11\21 dont ask why i cant comment on this ac

Some qustions:

  1. why would i go on your Platform i have no control over my work when its there also you can Basically call this work your own or even make money out of it by making ads on this site

  2. What is the website’s name? and why would people go there? can you tell me the domain?

I hope you can give me good answer’s if your Points are strong i will defiantly Put one of my Animation in here

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