Praise + questions about future Wick Editor



I found your program last year and have been using it fairly constantly since then. I found it far more intuitive and friendly to use than a certain Adobe product, and I eagerly await the new version you are working on, in particular the downloadable version. So, basically, thanks a lot for making some great software!

But I do have a few questions (if these have been answered elsewhere, I apologise!):

  1. Will files made using the old Wick be compatible with the new version? I suspect the answer may be no.

  2. If the above answer is no, how suddenly will the old version disappear? I fear being in the middle of making an animation, only to come to the website and find I can no longer use my old wick file.

  3. What kind of export options will there be with the new Wick? Is it possible to have a feature where a particular section of the file (say, frames inside of another frame) can be exported separately? Would be awesome to be able to make gifs from specific sections of a file (I tend to have frames within frames, which means if I try to export a gif of my file, it’s one frame, as it doesn’t run all the stuff inside of that one frame).

I might have other questions in time, but I suspect most questions I have will be answered when the new Wick is out. If they’re not, I’ll come back and pester you folks. :slight_smile:

I look forward to using it and seeing what I can do with it! As someone who has always wanted to try out interactive animations but found other software too cumbersome to use, Wick is a godsend.


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Hey @Boop!

Thanks for your support :slight_smile:

  1. Yes! We are planning on making a converter that will allow old Wick Editor projects to work in version 1.0! In fact @zrispo is hoping to get a basic version of this out for the next alpha version.

  2. We’ll be decommissioning the old editor when we are confident in a few things. Most importantly 1) Wick Editor 1.0 has all of the features of the old editor and 2) The project converter works on all of the projects we can get our hands on from the old editor. (We’ll also give notice on the forums for when this will happen.)

2.5 We’ll be sure to keep a version of the old editor running for a while, just in case we miss something.

  1. We’re planning on having significantly more export options than in the old editor. So of course, we’ll have our GIF, Video, and HTML exporters, but we’ll also work to give each of those options way more controls!

Let us know if you have any other questions, and thanks for using the Wick Editor! :slight_smile:



Happy to have assumed wrong! I will make use of those export options for sure. And thanks for the quick response, too! I await the future editor eagerly. :smiley: Good luck with the project!



Hey, I have a question but perhaps not directly related to Wick itself: when we preview our animations, they appear in a tidy window. How is that done? Is there a guide you can point me toward so I can put my exported HTML files into their own tidy windows and not just have them appear in the corner of the browser? I’m an absolute beginner at HTML5 / Javascript, so I don’t even know what particular terms to google to get myself started…

Or are the exported files not able to be modified in any way? I did try before to alter how the finished files looked, but I ended up with animations where the clickable areas no longer aligned with the box itself.



The old editor won’t be deleted, right.

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